Prior Work

Before my stroke in 2010, my academic work focused on feminism, diversity, identity, and organizational change. I also looked at philanthropy in charter schools and leadership and in 2006, I co-founded the Stanford PACS along with Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen and Woody Powell.

Tempered Radicals puts self-realization and change within everyone’s reach–whether your difference stems from race, gender, sexual orientation, values, beliefs, or social perspective.


Rocking the Boat is a 2008 re-issue of Tempered Radicals with an update to the radicals language used in the original book as well as a new introduction centered on themes not highlighted in the original version.

Preparing Principals provides a hands-on resource for creating and implementing effective policies and programs for expert school leaders. It reveals how successful educational programs are structured, the skills participants gain, and what they are able to achieve.

Other Publications

Debra Meyerson’s work has appeared extensively in the Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Research in Organizational Behavior, Harvard Journal of Law and Gender and other prestigious publications.

Gender and Culture

Leadership and Stress

Philanthropy and Charters

  • Getting to Scale: Ideas, Opportunities, and Resources in the Early Diffusion of the Charter Management Organization, 1999–2006.  With R. Quinn and C. Oelberger. Teachers College Record
  • Beyond Grantmaking: Philanthropic Foundations as Agents of Change and Institutional Entrepreneurs. With R. Quinn and M. Tompkns-Stange.
  • Power beyond the Purse: Philanthropic Foundations as Agents of Change in the California Charter School Movement. With L. Wernick.
  • Organization and Social Movement Implications of Going to Scale: Lessons from Charter Schools. With A. Berger and R. Quinn.