Debra Meyerson

Danny Zuckerman


Identity Theft Will…



Coming to terms with identity after stroke can be the most empowering part of the journey.



Many of us have regained capabilities we thought were lost forever, and have found ways to create full lives despite our disabilities.



Many survivors, like me, see improvement for 5, 10 even 20 years after stroke. It takes continued hard work.


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Identity Theft follows Stanford professor Debra Meyerson’s journey to recover from a severe stroke that initially left her physically incapacitated and unable to speak. The book provides realistic expectations for the hard work needed to regain everyday capabilities and focuses on the emotional journey in recovery. Virtually every survivor is haunted by questions like: “Who am I now?” and “How do I rebuild a meaningful and rewarding life?” after losing so much of what they had before—capabilities, careers and jobs, relationships, and more.

Identity Theft is a book full of hope for survivors. It centers on Debra’s experience: her stroke, her extraordinary efforts to recover, and her journey to redefine herself. Deb draws on her skills as a social scientist, sharing stories from fellow survivors, family members, friends, colleagues, therapists, and doctors. By sharing this diversity of experiences, Debra highlights how every person is different, every stroke is different, and every recovery is different. Identity Theft provides a valuable look at the broad possibilities for successfully navigating the challenging physical recovery and emotional journey toward rebuilding one’s identity and a rewarding life after trauma.