Meet Annette, whose new hobby is to never stop living!

Hello, my name is Annette. I had my stroke on April 10, 2004, 13 years ago. I worked for Denny’s for 15 years and Long Horn Steakhouse for 3 years. I worked 7 days a week. Craig and I were married Feb. 23rd, 2004. I worked before my stroke. Everything was great. I just fell over, no warning at all. Craig had Matthew, my son, call 911. Best thing he ever did!

We spent 46 days in Florida Hospital, our honeymoon! The stroke got my right-side, arm and leg, plus my speech. I used to smoke, not anymore. I was right handed, not anymore. Craig was happy I remembered him! So, after 46 days we were on our way home, with a wheel chair in the trunk. My world was ready to completely change….But, I had no way to know how much. I couldn’t speak, I needed help with EVERYTHING!

After my first year home with very small improvement, I started at University of Central Florida (UCF). I spent my first 5 years of speech therapy with my clinicians and Mrs. Jane Hostetler. I knew what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t say it. I would cry and get very upset. I had a problem with saying yes and no. Then I started to write my name with my left hand, it was very, very hard to do. I did it! At least now I can walk.

Dr. Whiteside asked me to go to the Aphasias House. It’s called the Friday’s Only Club. Now, I’m starting my 7 years in the Friday’s Only Club. We have fun in the group! It’s an AWESOME group of people in it! Craig and I did everything together and still do! I’m the same person after my stroke, now it’s harder to do everything. Patience, patience and patience!

Now my NEW hobby is to never give up on my recovery and never stop LIVING! I THANK my husband VERY, VERY much!