Meet Robert, a fellow author who wrote to motivate stroke survivors during their recovery

I started an own company, environmental engineering, Robco has been engaged by a veritable “who’s who” of Chicago business and industry, for 10 years. And, then I take my company for another 10 years on the road. I have investigated urban sites in 22 states that have been contaminated. The contaminated substances were from oils and PCBs, to chromium and other metals.

I was nominated to serve on the panel (ACRP Project 02-02) of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, in Washington, D.C.  I was an advisor to the Nation on Science, Engineering, and Medicine 2006.

My stroke happened in 2006, 2 weeks before Christmas, why me? My sudden stroke left me battling aphasia. I’m lost, sad, I lost my 20 years company.

I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I started to getting back on my feet. As part of my recovery, I returned to the journals I had kept for many years to find the same inspiration that had motivated me throughout my life. Through these meditations, I came to understand The Power of I Believe.

Now, I am an author (The Power of I Believe, a book of motivation, encouragement and inspirational thoughts after a stroke, a Christian-themed book written to help stroke survivors and others touched by a disability regain their faith and strength as they recover and move forward with their lives) & Motivational Speaker for post-stroke recovery and education, training, leadership, religion.

Though I wrote this book with stroke survivors in mind, the feedback I have received through my blog and Facebook page has shown me that The Power of I Believe is a source of inspiration for anyone who needs it. Everyone experiences doubt at some point—whether in themselves or in God—and this is especially true after a sudden and traumatic event.  I know from experience.

Many people who have a stroke simply do not find the motivation they need during recovery. And this is not an experience unique to stroke survivors; anyone struggling with a disability, or even a difficult time in their life, can find it hard to muster the strength they need.  The Power of I Believe is written for these people.

The Power of I Believe means making the choice to accomplish your goals—it means having the determination to keep striving and the faith to know that you will succeed. In this book, I share the thoughts and the inspirations that gave me the determination and faith to keep working to overcome my aphasia and recover from my stroke. My reflections focus on the power of God, the power of faith, and the power of the mind. Through these inspirational words and thoughts and through my faith, I found the personal strength preserve.

I am now back riding my bike, playing golf, swimming, and going to the fitness center.