Identity Theft Has Arrived!

What can I say – it’s a very exciting day!!! The official release date of Identity Theft -Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke. It was very cool when I first got to hold the physical book in my hands about two weeks ago (advance author copies), but today feels even more special – it’s the day I hope the book will begin to help make an impact on the world.

I sincerely hope Identity Theft becomes an important resource to help people recovering from stroke, navigating a changing identity for other reasons, or supporting those who are. This desire is what motivated me through four long years of writing. I am moved by reading in early reviews that people are finding the book helpful, and think it can be for many. One reviewer wrote: “As a stroke survivor myself…I found so much truth and previously unspoken wisdom in this book.” And from another reviewer: “I hope a lot of people read this book as it provides a vast understanding of what survivors are going through not just physically but financially, socially and psychologically as well.”

Every book requires a team, but as I say in Chapter 8 (Lean On), while recovering from my stroke I learned to appreciate like never before the importance of the support network I’m blessed to have, and the need to accept help. My recovery, and the writing of Identity Theft,  truly “took a village”. That’s why the Acknowledgement section of the book is 7 pages long! I won’t fill this post with all my sincere gratitude for friends, family, survivors, book team and more, but I have to thank my amazing family — my eldest son and official co-author Danny, Adam and Sarah who have been wonderful throughout and pitched in often, and of course my partner in life, book and all things, Steve. I am a very lucky woman indeed.

Thanks to all of you for your support and interest. If you choose to read Identity Theft, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Looking forward…