Identity Theft Launched (and on the way)!

It’s official, nine years post-stroke, Identity Theft: Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke

has been launched (the official release date is May 14th). I loved thanking friends and supporters while signing hardcovers last night at the launch event at Stanford PACS, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. During the Q & A segment of the program, I was touched to hear from both survivors and family members how Identity Theft has already had a positive impact on their journeys through recovery. I sincerely hope the book will help a meaningful number of the millions of global survivors of stroke and other medical traumas.

May is also Stroke Awareness Month. All month we will be sharing stroke prevention tips, resources and inspirational stories on social media (see below for key links). If you would like to share your survivor story, please email it to,

Finally, we are so grateful to the supporters who have reached out and asked How Can I Help? The best and easiest way is to engage with us via social media and share our subscriber link. Here are the links:


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