Six Superb Podcasts for Stroke and TBI Survivors

Podcasts have become very popular, and there are some great podcasts out there for stroke and brain injury survivors. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Hand in Hand Show, which got me interested in seeing if there were other helpful podcasts available for survivors.

Whether you are interested in hearing survivor stories, hearing interviews of professionals talking about stroke recovery and care, or hearing about recent research and advancements for stroke and brain injury, there is a podcast out there for you. Stroke and brain injury affect people around the world, so these podcasts are from a range of people and places.

1. The Hand in Hand Show, a strokefocus podcast

On The Hand in Hand Show, they give survivors an opportunity to share their story. This is both cathartic for the person telling his or her story, and also great for listeners who can relate to and feel more connected to other survivors. In addition, they cover hot topics and news, including the recent stem cell research for stroke recovery.

2. Aphasia Access Conversations by Aphasia Access

According to their description, “Aphasia Access Conversations brings you the

latest aphasia resources, tips, and a-ha moments from Life Participation

professionals”. One particular episode of theirs, “Insights and ‘Aha!’ Moments About Aphasia Care” talks about identity and aphasia. Since this episode so perfectly resonates with the topic of my book, here are the show notes that you can follow along with as you listen to the podcast.

3. EnableMe by Australia’s National Stroke Foundation

EnableMe brings together stroke survivors, health professionals and researchers to “enable you on your journey to reclaim your life after stroke.” They have episodes covering hot topics such as neuroplasticity, aphasia, anxiety and depression, relationships, exercise and much more. They bring in professionals to give survivors more information about each topic they cover. They also bring in survivors to share their stroke stories, which other listeners can relate to and learn from.

4. The Slow Road To Better by Stroke Comeback Center

The Slow Road To Better, produced by stroke and brain injury survivors who are members of The Stroke Comeback Center in Virginia, has five stars on Apple Podcasts. They “discuss getting back to the business of living” after having a stroke or TBI. The group talks and laughs together as they discuss the “slow road to better” and the challenges and victories that come along the way. Their first episode introduces everyone in the group and his or her survivor story. After that, they have episodes on aphasia, exercise, dating, participating in research studies, the concept of plateau, and much more.

5. Adventures in Brain Injury by Cavin Balaster

Cavin Balaster had a TBI in 2011. He is “bringing his blog and information, including interviews with practitioners and other survivors” to his podcast, which has five stars on Apple Podcasts. He is coming out with a book as well! One of his episodes covers music and the brain, which I relate to after doing melodic intonation therapy. He also covers neuroplasticity, nutiriton, the lessons he has learned in the years after his brain injury, and much more.

6. Life After Brain Injury by Will and Amy Perringwood

Will and Amy interview various people with different brain injuries from Headways across the UK. Similar to the Hand in Hand Show, this podcast provides an outlet for brain injury survivors to share their stories, and gives listeners the opportunity to hear stories that they can relate to and learn from.

Happy listening!