We hit send!

Four and a half years after I got the idea to write a book, we “hit send” on the manuscript this week – sending it to our publisher for “their process” – copy editing, layout, proof reading, etc.  We currently expect it – Identity Theft: Rediscovering Ourselves after Stroke — to hit the shelves (bookstores and online alike) in mid-May, 2019. Hard cover, paperback, e-book and audio book planned. Whew!!!

When I decided to write a book about stroke recovery and the process of rebuilding my identity, I knew I would need help.  After all, getting 2 sentences of ideas from my brain into an email was taking 30 minutes. For about two and a half years Sally Collings was my writing partner – and a fantastic partner she was.  Steve, of course, was very involved as well.  But in late August, 2017, when my contract with Sally was up, the book still didn’t say all that I wanted to say.  That’s when my book really became a family project.  Danny was between jobs, and he really stepped up.  In the end, he became my co-author.  Steve took even more time away from his job to create periodic “writing retreats” to help me.  Adam and Sarah both pitched in – sometimes while visiting or with us on “vacation”, and other times just working from their respective homes.

The past several weeks have been an all-out sprint to fill holes, do final edits, clean things up.  That’s complicated when “the team” is spread across the country.  We had four great days together for Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara (also with my mom, brother and his family, Steve’s mom and sister, and a few kid’s friends too) where we mixed playing together with writing.  And for the weeks before and after, we were each doing are part wherever we were – Steve and me at home, Sarah in her apartment in SF, Danny in Brooklyn and Adam in Philly.

I am just so lucky to have kids and a husband who wanted to make this a family project.  In the book I talk about “silver linings”.  Wish I didn’t need so much help. But I do. And we’ve had an experience together that I will cherish forever.  Truly a silver lining.