You Behind The Illness (tag)

Thank you to Michelle from Jumbled Brain for tagging me. I was excited to see this tag inviting chronic illness bloggers to share more about themselves. As we strive to raise awareness about a certain topic (stroke, in my case) through our blogs, sometimes that one thing becomes our whole identity. It is nice to take a step back from that and share other aspects of our identity! I’m excited to share more about myself and learn more about others in this community.

Four Places I’ve Lived:

  1. Grew up in Detroit and suburbs

  2. College and a bit more in Boston

  3. Most of my adult life in the SF Bay Area – San Francisco, Oakland and the peninsula near Stanford U.

  4. Stints in Vail, CO and Truckee, CA – my “working ski bum” phases

Four Places I’ve Worked:

  1. CA Yacht Club – Sailing teacher during college

  2. Women’s Way – early innovator in sports/adventure for women

  3. University of Michigan Business School – first faculty position

  4. Stanford University (Business and Education Schools)

Four Favorite Hobbies:

Before stroke

  1. Biking

  2. Hiking

  3. Sailing

  4. Skiing

After stroke

  1. Biking – riding a tandem bike now

  2. Hiking – a bit slower now!

  3. Working out at the gym

  4. Meditating

Four Things I Like to Watch:

  1. Downton Abbey

  2. Madam Secretary

  3. Movies

  4. Youth sports (but my kids are now too old!)

Four Things I Like to Read (and my recent favorites):

  1. News (lots of podcasts)

  2. Non-fiction (When Breath Becomes Air)

  3. Novels (Little Fires Everywhere)

  4. Harry Potter (fall asleep to it on audio book most nights)

Four Places I’ve Been:

  1. Turkey

  2. Peru (I went on a 4 day trek after my stroke!)

  3. Italy

  4. Japan (recent 60th birthday trip with my mom)

Four Things I Love to Eat:

  1. Smoothies

  2. Ice Cream

  3. Grilled fish

  4. Really good dark chocolate

Four Things I Love to Drink:

  1. Coffee

  2. Coffee

  3. Coffee

  4. Coffee

Four Places I Want to Visit:

  1. Eastern Europe

  2. The whole US by bicycle

  3. Columbia

  4. Israel

Four Bloggers I’d Like to Tag:

  1. Elizabeth Ashmore from Training for a marathon

  2. Travis R. Lee from Travis and the Brain

  3. Will Perringwood from From Reporter To Supporter

  4. Maureen Harrington from Successfully Surviving Stroke

I look forward to seeing everyone’s answers and hope you learned something new about me (maybe that I REALLY like coffee)!